Bombay to Beijing by Bicycle


Original music was by Alan Griffiths. Lighting design Ryan Hodge. For the official website by Graeme Wiggins go to Bombay to Beijing by Bicycle

Directed by Kimberley Grigg.

‘Congratulations. You are having the malaria.’

From the vast plains of India rides the master of metamorphosis, Russell McGilton (Morris). Based on his book Yakety Yak (Penguin Publishing 2004), Russell performs over 20 characters in this theatrical one-man show. From smiling Indian doctors, rabid dogs, British officers, Hindu gods, cabaret mosquitoes and misbehaving monkeys.

A cross between Steven Berkoff and Mike Myers, the result is a high energy and hilarious take on India by bicycle.  It’s Bollywood packed into one man.

History of the show

The show was first produced by the Castlemaine Arts Festival after having won the George Fairfax Playwright Award 2003. It was dramaturged and directed by Sue Ingelton and performed by Mark Pegler.

In 2005, Russell remounted the show as a performer. With the help of Adam Pierzchalskihe, the piece was workshopped and directed by Kimberley Grigg.

The revised show went on to be performed to a sell-out season at the Melbourne Fringe 2005 and at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2006. It later went on to the Edinburgh Festival 2008.

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