Accidents are prohibited on this road

‘The show is well-scripted and constructed…and pretty bloody funny!’ Emma Woodall, Beat Magazine

Comic raconteur, Russell McGilton, has been chased by bandits, shot at, robbed, survived a bus crash or two…and that was just trying to get out of Melbourne.

Accidents are Prohibited on this Road is the hilarious follow up to the George Fairfax Award-winning one-man show, Bombay to Beijing by Bicycle (Edinburgh Festival 2008, Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2006).

As Russell jumps seamlessly from character to character, you are transported from the sublime to the ridiculous: charged at by rhinos in Kenya, exploring the British Museum while on illicit substances, Ninja-ed in a meditation retreat and lastly, but worst of all, trying to escape Wayne from Woy Woy.

You’ll never leave Australia again after this not-so-Lonely Planet Guide to travel misadventure, wrong turns and sex in different time zones.

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‘A great storytelling show that had everyone fascinated and delighted at his adventures.’ Colin Flaherty, Groggy Squirrel.

Performed at the Melbourne Fringe 2010, Adelaide Fringe 2011 and Melbourne Comedy Festival 2011. 

Dramaturgy Damian Callinan and Alice Bishop.