Public Speaking

Russell has appeared internationally and in his native Australia at a range of corporate and organisational events. Prominent themes include risk-taking, adventure, inspiration and daring to dream.

Presented to numerous schools and corporate events, Bombay to Bejing by Bicycle is a humorous take on Russell’s attempt to cycle across Asia in the hope of writing a book.

‘Congratulation,’ grinned Dr Chawla. ‘You are having the malaria.’ 

Inspired by a life-changing event and the taste for good ol’ adventure, Russell would not only battle reoccurring malarial fevers but would unwittingly cycle near a nuclear test site, be chased by packs of wild dogs in the dead of night, run up trees to escape charging rhinos, get caught a little too near to Afghanistan during September 11 and lastly, have a stack with a yak.

Overcoming these adversities, Russell managed to complete the trip in 10 months and to successfully have his dream of having the book published (Yakety Yak: Bombay to Beijing by Bicycle Penguin Group) while a one-man show of the trip Bombay to Beijing by Bicycle won the George Fairfax Playwright Competition 2003 and performed to sold-out audiences at the Melbourne Comedy Festival 2006 and The Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2008.

Russell was also featured in the Melbourne Writers’ Festival 2004 and has appeared on Red Symons’s 774 radio program, 2UE Sydney and with Russell Gilbert on Radio SEN 1116.

Apart from this great adventure, Russell has travelled and worked in over 30 countries from sitting with mountain gorillas in the African Congo, motorcycling through typhoons in Taiwan, picking grapefruit a kibbutz and climbing Mount Kenya.


Russell can craft his performances depending on the theme or event. Such as this one below, The STA Travel Debate – ’10 days in one country is better than going to 10 countries in one day.’

To book Russell for your next speaking engagement, either use the contact form on the home page or call 041 494 1216.