Stories from The Burg

As a local, I’ve been coming to the very popular Half Moon Cafe (situated in the Coburg Mall in Melbourne’s north) for years and the thing that has always struck me is that the staff have always been genuinely friendly.
Being in a town known for its eye-rolling waiters, I wanted to find out their secret. I spoke with the owner, Nabil Hassan’

Show Reel

Includes four excerpts from various live radio shows, podcasts, podcast critique and aircheck. Edited, performed and written by Russell McGilton

Review of S-Town

A short critique of the hugely successful S-Town podcast.
Written, edited and voiced by Russell McGilton.

Interview with the comedy writer, Warwick Holt.

Warwick is one of Australia’s top comedy writers. As head writer on The Project, Warwick is not only the Winner of 5 AWGIE Awards, he also has a Masters degree in Applied Maths. He has written for Good News Week, The Glass House, The Great Comedy Debate, Good News World, The Sideshow, The Ministry of Truth as well as a documentary, The Phandom Menace. These are just some of the many projects that Warwick is involved in.

Invasion of the Bottom Snatchers!

Teaser for a radio play for kids based on my Middle-Grade novel of the same title.
Written, edited and voiced by Russell McGilton.

Invasion of the Bottom Snatchers! Needham cops his whack

Needham Gently finally meets the monster hiding in his bathroom. Episode 11 of the radio play. Written, edited and voiced by Russell McGilto

Psychic Maladies

Interview with a psychic.
Group project. Audio sourced and edited by Russell McGilton

Hit by a tram

A personal account of a very bad thing

The Week that Wasn’t (RMIT)

A wrap up of RMIT student week in the podcasting class where we were visited by the screenwriter, Craig Batty and talked about podcasts that we had listened to.
Warning! Rather undergraduate humour. Apologies, apologies…
Written, edited and by Russell McGilton. Co-host Armen Balsavic.