Refusal of the Privileged

To end the lockdowns we must all get vaccinated

Sigh. A collective roll of eyes. ‘Another lockdown. Why is this still happening?’ Apart from the highly contagious Delta strain, the withering stupidity of our barely visible Prime Minister, fudged stroll-out and national plan that looks like a toddler’s playroom, part of it is down to vaccine hesitancy. Or should I say ‘refusal’.

Why? Mixed messaging from the aforementioned Invisible Man has undermined confidence in the AstraZeneca vaccine as you know. And…well, pretty much that blood clotting thang. Yes, it’s true. It can. But so do other things like aspirin, the pill, smoking and Katie Hopkins.

As life is full of risks (you have a 1 in 112 million chance of being killed by a vending machine) let me just do a comparison of the blood clots info here:

AstraZeneca – 1 death in 2 million.
Aspirin – 1 death in 10,000
Contraceptive pill – 5 – 12 blood clots in 10,000. (400 deaths a year in the USA alone)
Smoking – 23 blood clots in a 100
Katie Hopkins – 1 in 1 chance of a moral aneurysm for each of her toxic utterances.

As you can see the risks associated with getting the jab are infinitesimal (except for Hopkins. STAY AWAY!). You have a higher chance of being killed in a car accident (18.2 deaths per 100,000 in Australia) or being hit by lightning (1 in 300,000). So unless you’re driving a vending machine in a thunderstorm you’re safe. The only thing that is safer is the chances of being attacked by a shark (1 in 3 million).

But I know that’s not going to convince everyone. It only takes one shark.
‘The longitudinal studies on the vaccine are not there.’

Sure. But think about this: you’ll be waiting until 2041 waiting for those. That’s 400 lockdowns from now…and there’s just not enough Netflix content nor sour dour (let alone toilet paper) for that. However, and something to underline here, is that we have over 40 years of vaccine data and history in perfecting vaccines. They’re safer than they ever have been. Go look up the history of vaccines on the CDC website:

Facts out of the way, vaccine refusal simply comes down to ill-informed information and ideological reasons. Ill-informed posts of course are easy to spot and blow up – a medical professional way out of their field like the physiotherapist I saw on Fox News (first clue) giving expert advice on the pandemic or discredited cardiologists still touting hydroxychloroquine as a cure. Ideological reasons are the hardest to overcome because this is a well-defended bunker entrenched in a binary shitshow: Freedom Seekers vs The Sheeple.

Here are some of their ditties: ‘Mass vaccination is totalitarianism’ which only gives credence to totalitarianism. Look at China, the only country that has suppressed the virus and going gangbusters economically while the rest of the world limps along like zombies in a meat race. ‘It’s a plandemic.’ For some reason, I always think of hyperactive event managers in hot pink twin sets and pearls, nail-biting over itineraries. Plandemic! It’s so ludicrous when you think governments can’t even organise a functioning quarantine facility. It’s like saying ‘Planweather’.

What infuriates me about these rabid ‘truths’ is that there are millions of people in India, Indonesia, Africa and other developing countries who would leap at the chance of being vaccinated. They have seen it all first hand – millions have died. India alone has had over 400,000 deaths. Hardly think they’d be baulking with, ‘Whoah! Hang on, man, with that hypodermic. That shit is all mind control.’ No, it’s a pandemic and vaccinating the population is what makes countries safe again. Refusing the vaccine from the comfort of your armchair is nothing but a pithy Western indulgence. It is disgusting really when you think about it. All that privilege at your fingertips, the option to be vaccinated or not while the developing world poor can’t even get a gasp from a rusty oxygen cylinder.

If you don’t want to be vaccinated then trade your dose now with someone in a developing country and then pack your bags and go live on a rock because, as Paul Doherty, a leading immunologist featured in the ABC’s Cracking Covid documentary, ‘If you’re not going to vaccinate to try and stop the infection you’re siding with the evolutionary needs of the virus, which is to multiply and infect more people.’

So take stock of that. You, the one that refuses to be vaccinated, are enabling the spread of what is now a highly contagious virus. You are the one that will keep us in lockdown. You are the one that is a danger to us all. If you are eligible for the vaccine, do it if not for yourself then for the rest of us. Anything less (and I’m gonna make some snowflakes cry here) is just simply selfish, stupid and irresponsible.