Latest book close to completion

For the past three years, I’ve been writing a YA book, Invasion of the Bottom Snatchers and it is close to completion. If you’d like to read a sample chapter, please use the contact form. I’d love to receive your feedback.


Is there anything you wouldn’t do for a kiss? Not for 13-year-old Needham Gently. Rejected by the new girl at school, Diane Frasier, because of his extreme weight, Needham eats the contents of a mysterious gold canister with miraculous weight loss powers.

Of course, everything goes horribly wrong.

The principal vanishes. Needham’s favourite restaurant blows up. Kids disappear. When he is visited by a creature living in his toilet, Déjà poo (‘We ‘ave met before, no?) he realises that he is responsible. Fighting to save the town of Bland and his friends, Needham battles the monster and its minions, and ultimately, sacrifices himself.

Is Needham dead? And has he saved the world?



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