Latest book close to completion


Here is a 2-minute sizzle reel for the ABC Podcast submission. It’s a kids’ comedy based on my novel, ‘Invasion of the Bottom Snatchers’.

‘Invasion of the Bottom Snatchers’ book 

I’ve just completed writing a Middle-Grade Fiction novel, Invasion of the Bottom Snatchers. If you’d like to read a sample chapter, please use the contact form. I’d love to receive your feedback.


Rejected by the new girl because of his enormous size, 12-year-old NEEDHAM GENTLY eats a mysterious burger and miraculously loses all of his weight. Soon, bizarre things begin to happen in town: kids go missing; adults begin acting strangely; and worse still, his favourite restaurant blows up.

It is only when Needham is captured by a monster living in his toilet, DÉJÀ POO, does he learn the awful truth – children are being farmed to make T.U.R.D. BURGERS by an evil fast-food company, UNI-FLAVOR INDUSTRIES.

However, the scientist behind the project, THE PROFESSOR has other plans. Working with Déjà Poo, he turns Needham into a Multi-Bum Monster to extract his Dark Matter for The Great Flush Apocalypse – the end of the world. But Needham escapes and unwittingly transforms Déjà Poo into an enormous OCTOPOO.

It charges for the largest sewerage farm in Australia to become even bigger. Needham flies after it while his friends try to stop trucks full of T.U.R.D. burgers reaching Melbourne. Needham kills the Octopoo by blasting it into a wind farm. However, infected by the monster, Needham ends up sucking himself and his friends into another space-time dimension.

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